Mental Health 


BC Children’s Hospital Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre 

This toolkit supports families who have a child or youth living with mental health challenges. It reviews how families can leverage healthy eating, physical activity, stress management and sleep to support healthy living. 

The section on physical activity is particularly helpful in identifying barriers children and youth with mental health challenges face in participating in sports and recreation. You’ll find solutions for overcoming them here as well. 

Mixed Abilities 


A virtual space for families and support networks of people with intellectual disabilities to connect and share ideas, create visual supports using their templates and images as well as links to developmental service resources. 

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) 

CMHA’s simple quiz reviews ability to enjoy life, resilience, balance, self-actualization and flexibility to help the participant understand how mentally fit they are. You can suggest youth aged 14+ take this quiz. It provides a jumping-off point for further discussion about creating a healthy lifestyle. 

Kids Help Phone 

This free and confidential service can help youth navigate any of their day-to-day concerns, including bullying, school and work, sex and relationships, physical health and identity. Young people of all ages can phone, text or live chat with counsellors 24/7 nationally in both languages. Caring Adults and Partners in Play can direct children and youth to this confidential resource as needed.

Self-Esteem & Confidence  

A Place of Our Own

A Place of Our Own offers tips for making children or youth feel valued and helping them develop self-confidence, social and problem-solving skills. Some tips might be more appropriate for children aged six to 12 years old, but can be applied to older children as well. 

Skills You Need 

Skills You Need is an organization dedicated to helping build life skills. This section is dedicated to helping build confidence by being assertive, keeping calm and avoiding arrogance. 

Welcoming Spaces 

LGBTQ2: The 519

This toolkit explores the experiences and challenges faced by trans people and supports organizations and individuals to develop approaches to fostering a trans inclusive environment. 

Newcomers: Sport for Life 

This resource outlines the barriers that newcomers may face in their participation of sport and physical activity and then provides examples of solutions and opportunities that exist, as well as promising practices of work being done across Canada. 

Indigenous Peoples: Sport for Life 

This document presents a roadmap for developing sport and physical activity among Indigenous peoples. 

Women & Girls: Sport for Life 

This resource addresses psychosocial factors that influence female athletic development. 

Learning & Teaching Styles 

This 20-question quiz helps participants understand whether they are visual, auditory or tactile learners.


The Canadian Safe School Network (CSSN) 

CSSN supports teachers, parents and youth with resources to help reduce youth violence and make schools and communities safer. 

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

This government resource provides advice to Caring Adults on what to do if their child or someone they know if being bullied. 


Imagine Canada 

Imagine Canada supports charities to help them build, enrich and define our nation. This document shares practical tips for how to write and send a letter to an MP. 

House of Commons 

This House of Commons document outlines the current guidelines for writing and submitting petitions. 

Professional Development 

The Balance Careers 

The Balance Careers is a hub of information to support people in navigating their careers. This specific article supports high school students writing their resumes, particularly when they have little experience. 

The Balance Careers 

These tips support post-secondary students writing resumes and looking to profile their education. 

The Balance Careers 

These seven interview tips support young professionals seeking jobs. 

Government of Canada 

Educational materials to help students and adults increase their financial knowledge and skills. 

The Balance Careers 

These seven interview tips support young professionals seeking jobs.